Jams and Spreads

Following the family tradition, at Mamma’s Best we only use the freshest fruits, never frozen and only with the finest quality ingredients.  Sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally delicious, low calorie, sweetener that has a low glycemic index – a healthy choice for both diabetics and hypoglycemics.  Old fashion, homestyle flavors, with a modern twist.

Homestyle Grape

Packed with real grapes, our homestyle grape jam elevates the flavors from the California sun.

Homestyle Strawberry

With plump, ripe strawberries you get that just-picked flavor.

Homestyle Plum

Dark, sweet, plums harvested right off the tree maximize flavor.

Homestyle Blackberry Pear

A delicious blend of sun-ripened berries with juicy sweet pears.

Homestyle Mango Jalapeno

A tropical twist with jalapeno spices bursting with mango flavor.

Homestyle Acai Blueberry

A combination of the two highest antioxidant fruits packed with delicious flavor..