Marinades & Sauces


Mamma makes the best ribs in town and the secret is the sauce. Our family’s BBQ sauce has been around for over 25 years, and because it’s so popular, we decided to make it available to you. It is not your typical sweet sauce that tends to burn on the grill but a combination of tomato, vinegar and a unique blend of spices that give it a kick! So the next time you have family and friends over, try our sauce – but be sure to make plenty because there won’t be any leftovers.



Mamma’s Savory Marinade has always been a staple in our kitchen.  As we gathered around the kitchen table with our fork and knife in hand waiting for Mamma’s mouthwatering meals, we could taste Mamma’s love in every bite.It’s a magnificent marinade for beef, chicken, or pork.  Drizzled over your favorite fresh fish, it’s sure to be a weekly dinner to look forward to and what a delicious sauce for sashimi or a piece of seared tuna.



Mamma’s Best is pleased to bring to your family’s table our one of a kind Citrus Marinade a sauce like no other! It’s a perfect balance of tangy & spicy as well as salty & sweet. The combination of ingredients and spices will tantalize your taste buds. A superb marinade for shrimp, fish, or chicken as well as a fantastic addition to any stir fry. It enhances any meal and once you discover the “Zest” you’ll always reach for Mamma’s Best! (You know Mamma knows best!)



Want to add some spice to your meals but be sweet about it? Try Mamma’s Best Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce for a taste above the rest. The perfect blend of sweet and spicy will make your meatloaf or pork chops that family favorite again. Try it on some chicken and let those magic spices do their thing. If shrimp or fish is your choice, bake with this unique mixture of sweet & spicy flavors to share with your loved ones. Bring back the comfort to your family meals with Mamma. Mamma’s Best wants only the best for your family.