Natural Soups

Tuscan Fagioli

Enjoy the taste of Tuscany in every bowl.  With each spoonful you will taste the hearty combination of potatoes and white beans mixed with our secret “trito” blend. Adding a finishing touch of rosemary will make you feel like you are sitting in the Village Ristorante ~ Buon Appetito!


Oven Roasted Vegetable

Roasting vegetables is the best cooking method to bring out their natural flavors. Fill your home with the aroma of a home cooked meal, roasting in your oven. Our delicious blend of carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, onions, bell peppers and a dash of thyme and sage are the perfect combination to make you feel like you made it from scratch.


Tantalizing Thai

Travel to the Far East from your dinner table.  Enjoy the exotic tastes of Thailand in our special shrimp stock, flavored with garlic, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, shallots, tamarind and red chili peppers.  For that authentic entrée, add some tofu and chicken. No need to pack your bags for this trip.


Wholesome Bliss Veggie Broth

Our wholesome broth will warm you from the inside out. Our nutritious and healthy blend of kale, swiss chard, red potatoes, yams, carrots, leeks, onions and garlic will add extra flavor to any rice dish or casserole. In the fall, add turnips, parsnips or beet greens for a rich warm taste.


Soup de Soleil

Transport your senses to the sun-drench coastlines of the Mediterranean. Roasted poblano peppers, smoky black beans, carrots, roasted corn kernels, cilantro, garlic and roasted chilies make this soup flavorful beyond belief.  Add a cup of cooked rice and chicken, serve with warm tortillas and you’ve got your new afternoon favorite..